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public responsibility

Diversity & Inclusion

  • Assert and demonstrate our individual and collective responsibility to invite, honor, and learn from our differences, as preparation for an increasingly interconnected world.
  • Intentionally reflect the vibrant demographics, in all its complexity, of our city, our region, our State, and beyond.

See Benchmarks for Diversity and Inclusion

North Carolina

  • Attract, retain, and graduate North Carolina students of high academic promise by eliminating financial barriers to participation.
  • Furnish North Carolina’s economy with highly accomplished thinkers, negotiators, planners, collaborators, and problem-solvers.
  • Assure that our campus, our region, and our State understand how uniquely positioned we are to define the practical, life-long value of a liberal arts education in the 21st century.

See Benchmarks for Public Responsibility in North Carolina


  • Share responsibility with the greater Asheville community for collaborations on issues of mutual concern, benefit, and accomplishment.

See Benchmarks for Public Responsibilty in the Greater Asheville Community

liberal arts education

Undergraduate Education

  • Serve as the standard of excellence for public liberal arts undergraduate education, emphasizing interdisciplinary learning and exceptional faculty-student mentoring.

See Benchmarks for Undergraduate Education

Undergraduate Research

  • UNC Asheville will be a leading undergraduate research institution for faculty-mentored, student-directed Undergraduate Research. Assure continual stewardship of the Undergraduate Research program and deepen its focus on societal concerns.

See Benchmarks for Undergraduate Research

The Campus Experience

  • Engage all students in a robust campus learning experience based on community responsibility, learning, respect, and service.

See Benchmarks for the Campus Experience

long term sustainability

Economic Sustainability

  • Demonstrate the value of UNC Asheville's distinctiveness within the UNC system so that our optimal size and liberal arts mission are acknowledged and rewarded within the State formula for funding higher education.
  • Increase private funding to assure the University's ability to fulfill its commitments to generations of students and citizens of North Carolina.

See Benchmarks for Economic Sustainability

Social Sustainability

  • Build a respectful, vibrant, responsible and inclusive campus community for everyone that encourages academic, civic, and public engagement.
  • Invest in the development and success of all students, faculty, and staff members.

See Benchmarks for Social Sustainability

Environmental Sustainability

  • Build on our state-wide leadership and recognition for environmental stewardship through continued academic inquiry, energy efficiency, conservation, and green building practices. Pursue creative, respectful,mission-focused campus expansion.

See Benchmarks for Environmental Sustainability