Farmland Values Project
  Primary Researchers
Leah Greden Mathews, Department of Economics,
The University of North Carolina at Asheville, Project Director

Daniel O’Leary, Department of Sociology and Criminal Justice
Old Dominion University, Sociologist

Art Rex, Department of Geography & Planning,
Appalachian State University, Geographic Information Systems
   Photo by Trip Huxley, Flight provided by Southwings

   Focus Group Participant
  Collaborating Partners and Consultants
Bill Yarborough, North Carolina Department of Agriculture, Agronomist
Anna Callahan, Artist
John Bonham, Economics consultant
Anne Lancaster, Project Manager

Research Assistants
Keisha Childers
James Waynick
Shoshana Fried
Guy Cooper
Kaitlyn Dorsky
Christie Gonzales
Amanda Israel
Laura Dominkovic
Carolyn Fryberger
Lizzy Renfroe
Greg Dobson
Kate Fuller
Amanda Gandy
Ginger Kowal
Adam Smith
Peter Harrison
Erin McDonald
Kim Quick
Joe Wilkerson
Anne Lancaster
Principal Photographers
Anna Callahan  
Anne Lancaster  
Andrea Thompson