2012-13 Senate Documents

2012-2013 Faculty Senate Legislation Spreadsheet

SD0112F:    Modification of Faculty Scholarship and Service Awards Committee (Revision of SD7708S; Faculty Handbook 10.3.4) (FWDC 16)

SD0212F:    Proposal to Clarify the Duties of the Faculty committee on Hearing  (Revision of SD4191S; Faculty Handbook 10.2.4) (FWDC 1)

SD0312F:    Elimination of Campus Commission on the Allocation of Student Services Funds  (Revision of SD4806S; Faculty Handbook 10.4.2) (FWDC 2)

SD0412F:    Remove Computer Competency from Academic Regulations  (Revision of SD0201F) (APC 1)

SD0512F:     Institutional Development Committee (IDC) Statement on Planning and Approval of New Degree and Certificate Programs at UNC-Asheville (IDC 1)

SD0612F:     Sunsetting Courses (APC 2)

SD0712F:     Change prerequisite for PSYC 412 (APC 3)

SD0812F:     Change in major for B.A. in Art with a concentration in Art History to a B.A. in Art History; Appendix A, Appendix B and Revised Appendix C (APC 4)

SD0912F:     Change course description for ECE 220 (APC 5)

SD1012F:     Change credit hours for ECE 301 from 4 to 3 (APC 6)

SD1112F:     Add two new courses: EGM 484, Senior Design Project in Mechatronics Engineering I, and EGM 485, Senior Design Project Mechatronics Engineering II (APC 7)

SD1212F:     Change in semester of offering for ECE 456, ECE 460, EGM 482 and MAE 206 (APC 8)

SD1312F:     Make editorial adjustments to the major requirements for the joint degree in Engineering (APC 9)

SD1412F:     Change description of MUSC 131 (APC 10)

SD1512F:     Change description of MUSC 231, MUSC 331 (APC 11)

SD1612F:     Change titles and descriptions of MUSC 293 and MUSC 294, Keyboard Harmony and Improvisation I and II (APC 12)

SD1712F:     Delete MUSC 364 and MUSC 365, Jazz Theory and Improvisation I and II; Replace new courses, MUSC 393 and MUSC 394, Harmony and Improvisation III and IV (APC 13)

SD1812F:      Delete MUSC 351, MUSC 352, and MUSC 353; Replace with MUSC 348 and MUSC 349 (APC 14)

SD1912F:     Change credit hours of MUSC 357 (APC 15)

SD2012F:     Add new courses to the Music curriculum: MUSC 235, Contemporary Writing and Production; MUSC 343, African American Music: Slavery to Swing; MUSC 344, African American Music: R&B to Hip Hop; MUSC 345 Defining the Beatles: Music, Image and Influence; MUSC 346, The Grateful Dead: Music, Counterculture and Society; and MUSC 347, Transatlantic Jazz (APC 16)

SD2112F:    Edit the narrative description for Music; Delete General Music and Jazz Studies Emphases in Music, replacing with B.F.A. in Jazz and Contemporary Music; Change the requirements for the B.S. in Music Technology; Adjust the requirements for admission to the major in Music; Edit the requirements for the minor in Music (APC 17)

SD2213S:    Changes in 10.4.15 (SD3106S) Transportation Committee (FWDC 3)

SD2313S:    Add new course, ECON 242, Economics of Food (APC 18)

SD2413S:    Revise entry for ECON 245, Land Economics (APC 19)

SD2513S:    Delete POLS 390, Political Analysis; Add new course POLS 290, Political Analysis (APC 20)

SD2613S:    Change requirements for the major in Political Science (APC 21)

SD2713S:    Add the requirement for a new concentration of Broadcast Meteorology in Atmospheric Sciences (APC 22)

SD2813S:    Removal of the prerequisite for ATMS 113, Understanding the Atmosphere (APC 23)   

SD2913S:    Addition of a corequisite for ATMS 310, Atmospheric Kinematics and Dynamics (APC 24)

SD3013S:    Remove cross-listings between BIOL 340 and ENVR 340, and BIOL 442 and ENVR 442 (APC 25)

SD3113S:    Remove cross-listings between ENVR 341 and BIOL 342, and ENVR 348 and BIOL 348 (APC 26)  

SD3213S:    Add new course, ANTH 323, Storied Anthropology (APC 27)

SD3313S:    Add new course, ANTH 339, Intersections of Gender in the Americas (APC 28)

SD3413S:    Add new course, ANTH 357, Disrupted Lives: The Anthropology of Social Suffering (APC 29)

SD3513S:    Change the criteria for receiving credit for LANG 120 from Advanced Placement; Add a minimum SAT I Writing and/or ACT Writing test score as an option to receive LANG 120 credit (APC 30)

SD3613S:    Delete the following courses from the Dance Curriculum: DAN 130, 131, 132, 133, 215, 230, 231, 260, 261, 262, 320 (APC 31)

SD3713S:    Add new courses, DAN 140, 240 and 251 (APC 32)

SD3813S:    Delete DAN 135 and 235, replacing them with DAN 136 and 236, respectively; Change the title of DAN 137; Change the title and description of DAN 237; Change the title of DAN 138; Change the title and description of DAN 238 (APC 33)

SD3913S:    Delete DAN 335, replacing it with DAN 340; Delete DAN 337 and 338, replacing them with DAN 341 (APC 34)

SD4013S:    Delete DAN 310, replacing it with DAN 312; Change the title and term offered for DAN 330; Change the description and reduce the credit hours of DAN 345  (APC 35)

SD4113S:    Change the requirements for the Minor in Dance (APC 36)   

SD4213S:    Adjust the number of required hours for the Foreign Language requirement; Add ASIA 101 and 102 to the list of courses that will fulfill the Foreign Language requirement (APC 37)

SD4313S:    Program Procedure Changes  (Faculty Handbook 5.4.2 Program Changes);  Document Implements SD0512F  (IDC 1))    (FWDC 4/IDC 2)

SD4413S:    Change the title and description of PHIL 313 (APC 38)

SD4513S:    Change of the opening narrative of Philosophy Department (APC 39)   

SD4613S:    Change the demonstration of competency in Philosophy (APC 40)

SD4713S:    Remove computer competency requirement from Biology, Classics, Computer Science, Drama, Economics, Environmental Studies, Health and Wellness, Interdisciplinary Studies, Management, Physics, Political Science, Psychology, Religious Studies, Sociology and Anthropology;     Appendix A       (APC 41)

SD4813S:    Change title and description of EDUC 314 (APC 42)

SD4913S:    Change description of EDUC 456 (APC 43)

SD5013S:    Delete the following MCOM courses: 301, 302, 304, 313, 327, 329, 341, 343, 346, 351, 353, 367, 369, 380, 382, 387, 388, 390, 421, 460, 482, 483, 484, 497, 498;  Delete the following VMP courses: 303, 307, 331, 359, 385, 437, 493 (APC 44)

SD5113S:    Add new courses:  MCOM 295, 395 and 495, and VMP 295, 395 and 495 (APC 45)

SD5213S:    Change credit hours and description of MCOM 104; Change title, credit hours and description of MCOM 201;   Change credit hours and description of MCOM 451; Change credit hours and description of MCOM 490; Change credit hours and description of MCOM 492; Change credit hours and description of VMP 205 (APC 46)

SD5313S:    Change the major and minor requirements for Mass Communication, and the process for declaring a major in Mass Communication (APC 47)

SD5413S:    Moving to Four (4) Digit Course Numbers (APC 48)   

SD5513S:    Change in the Academic Standing Policy:  Academic Warning, Suspension, and Dismissal (APC 49)

SD5613S:    Modifications to the Tenure and Promotion guidelines and clarification of Teaching, Scholarship, Service, and Engagement. (Faculty Handbook Section 3 FACULTY RIGHTS, RESPONSIBILITIES AND EVALUATIONS (SD3111S))  (FWDC 5)

SD5713S:   Revising Standards for Merit Evaluation (Faculty Handbook 3.5.4 Procedure for Evaluating Faculty Members for Reappointment, Tenure and Promotion (SD3701S))   (FWDC 6)

SD5813S:   Including Dean’s and Provost’s Evaluations in Personnel Reviews (Faculty Handbook Sections: Section, Section, and Section 3.7.2)   (FWDC 7)

SD5913S:   Change the name of the Sociology department to Sociology and Anthropology  (APC 50)    

SD6013S:   Change semesters when SOC 385 and SOC 393 are offered  (APC 51)

SD6113S:   Add field experience requirement to EDUC 319 (APC 52)

SD6213S:   Adding ACCT 320 as a pre- or corequisite to ACCT 317; Changing the ACCT 317 corequisite in ACCT 320 to a pre- or corequisite  (APC 53)

SD6313S:   Changing the title and description for ACCT 417  (APC 54)

SD6413S:   Changing prerequisite for MGMT 386; Changing prerequisite for MGMT 484  (APC 55)

 SD6513S:  Request to Establish a Graduate Certificate Program in Climate Change and Society  (APC 56)   Appendix A

SD6613S:   Add LANG 260 as a prerequisite to 300-level Creative Writing workshops, clarifying all of these courses may be repeated once  (APC 57)

SD6713S:   Change the application process for the Major in Literature and Language with either a concentration in Creative Writing or Creative Writing with Teacher Licensure  (APC 58)

SD6813S:   Add Certificate in Climate Change and Society to the Master of Liberal Arts entry in the catalog  (APC 59) 

SD6913S:   Delete the following ART courses: 114, 201, 213, 250, 302, 313 and 390 Delete the following ARTH courses: 355 and 380  (APC 60)

SD7013S:  Change the credit hours for ART 499 and ARTH 499  (APC 61)

SD7113S:  Delete ART 110 and 111; Add new courses, ART 122 and 133  (APC 62)

SD7213S:  Delete Ceramics courses, ART 230, 231, 330 and 430, replacing with ART 234, 334, 336 and 434  (APC 63)

SD7313S:  Delete Drawing courses, ART 112, 113, 212, 303 and 403, replacing with ART 144, 204, 304, 305 and 404   (APC 64)

SD7413S:  Delete Painting courses, ART 210, 211, 310 and 410, replacing with ART 218, 318, 319 and 418   (APC 65)

SD7513S:  Delete Photography courses, ART 227, 327, 337, 338 and 437, replacing with ART 264, 364, 366, 367 and 464  (APC 66)

 SD7613S: Delete Printmaking courses, ART 220, 221, 321 and 322, replacing with ART 254, 354, 356 and 454  (APC 67)

SD7713S:  Delete Sculpture courses, ART 240, 340 and 440, replacing with ART 246, 346, 347 and 446   (APC 68)

SD7813S:  Change the credit hours and descriptions for the Senior Exhibition courses, ART 490, 491 and 492  (APC 69)

SD7913S:  Replace the category headings within Art History  (APC 70)

SD8013S:  Add new courses, ARTH 303, 306, and 420 to Art History  (APC 71)

SD8113S:  Change the descriptions and credit hours for ARTH 201, 202, 301 and 302 Effective Date: Fall 2013  (APC 72)

SD8213S:  Change course descriptions and credit hours for ARTH 311, 312 and 320  (APC 73)

SD8313S:  Change the credit hours and descriptions for ARTH 330, 340, 350, 355, 360 and 365  (APC 74)

SD8413S:  Change the descriptions and credit hours for ARTH 381, 385, 386 and 410  (APC 75)

SD8513S:  Change the descriptions and credit hours for ARTH 460, 480, 484 and 485   (APC 76)

SD8613S:  Edit the opening narrative and the requirements for declaring a major in Art   (APC 77)

SD8713S:  Change the major requirements for Studio Art (B.F.A. and B.A.) and Art History; Change the minor requirements for Art (Studio) and Art History  (APC 78)

SD8813S:   Modification of Faculty Scholarship and Service Award Committee (Revision of SD7708S, SD0112F, and Section 10.3.4 of the Faculty Handbook; Award instituted in Fall 2000 (see SD0700F))  (FWDC 9)

SD8913S:   Institutional Review Board Policy Revisions (Replacing Section of Faculty Handbook; Replacing Section 10.4.20 of Faculty Handbook; Concerns SD0393F and SD3110S)  (FWDC 10)

SD9013S:   Addition of Shared Governance Document to the Preface of the Faculty Handbook  (Revision of Section 0.0 of the Faculty Handbook: PREFACE (SD11312S)) (FWDC 11)

SD9113S:   Change the number of ILS committee members (Revision of Section 10.3.8 of the Faculty Handbook
Faculty ILS Oversight Committee (ILSOC) SD8307S SD0703F SD0304F SD0105F SD6309S) (FWDC 12)

SD9213S:   Elections and Eligibilty in Section 10 of the Handbook (FWDC 8) Constitutional Edits

SD9313S:   Proposal to Reorganize the University Student Learning Outcomes (IDC 3)

SD9413S:   Change credit hours and descriptions for CLAS 101, 102, 103 and 104 (APC 79)

SD9513S:    Change credit hours and descriptions of CLAS 315 and 316 (APC 80)

SD9613S:    Change course description for CLAS 495; Move CLAS 495 and 499 from separate listings under the Greek and Latin courses to the end of the Classics course listing section (APC 81)

SD9713S:    Changes to requirements for Classics Major and Minor (APC 82)

SD9813S:    Add new courses, INTS 201, 301, 320 and 330, cross‐listing INTS 320 and 330 with ASIA 320 and 330  (APC 83)

SD9913S:    Add ASIA 100 and INTS 201 as options for the introductory course requirement in the International Studies concentration; Add INTS 301, 320 and 330 to the list of elective options in the International Studies concentration (APC 84)

SD10013S:  Change title and description of HWP 310; Change prerequisite for HWP 335 (APC 85)

SD10113S:   Change prerequisite for HWP 316 (APC 86)

SD10213S:   Change title and description of HWP 355 (APC 87)

SD10313S:   Delete the following courses from Health and Wellness Promotion:
HWP 220, 292, 321, 390, 410 and 421 (APC 88)

SD10413S:   Change when the following courses are offered: HWP 154, 155, 253, 333, 345, 360, 420, 480 (APC 89)

SD10513S:   Change requirements for the major in Health and Wellness Promotion   (APC 90)

SD10613S:    Add new course, SABR 000, Study Abroad or Study Away (APC 91)

SD10713S:    Change descriptions and prerequisites for FREN 110 and 120; Add new course, FREN 130; Change descriptions and prerequisites for GERM 110 and 120; Add new course, GERM 130; Change descriptions and prerequisites for SPAN 110, 120 and 130  (APC 92)

SD10813S:   Delete CSCI 242, 342 and 446 (APC 93)

SD10913S:   Change requirements for Concentration in Information Systems (APC 94) 

SD11013S:   Change the terms offered for several CSCI courses; Change the title, course description and prerequisite for CSCI 344; Change the prerequisite for CSCI 431 (APC 95)

SD11113S:    Change to the Repeat Course Policy (APC 96)

SD11213S:    Revision of Academic Honesty procedures (APC 97)

SD11313S:    Change LS 379 from a required course for transfer students to an optional course (APC 98)

SD0113F:       Certificate Procedure Additions (Faculty Handbook 5.4.2 Program Changes) (FWDC 13/IDC 4)

SD0213F:        Add new course prefix, WLNG, for World Languages (APC 99)