Senate Document Number    2212S


Date of Senate Approval      01/19/12


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Statement of Faculty Senate Action:


APC Document 16:    Add  concentration in K-12 Health and Physical Education to the HWP major;

                                    Add K-12 Health and Physical Education to licensure areas


Effective Date:             Fall 2012



1.  Add:     On page 151, before Declaration of Major in Health and Wellness Promotion,

                  new licensure area in K-12 Health and Physical Education


                  Health and Wellness Promotion with Teacher Licensure

                        This concentration is coordinated with the Education department to provide

licensure in K-12 Health and Physical Education. Students who wish to receive teacher

licensure should review requirements found in the Education section of the catalog and see the appropriate Education advisor for additional information.


                                                  I.      Required courses in the major—35 hours, including: HWP 190, 284, 294, 310, 335, 455, 459; one course from 250 or 350, one course from HWP 290, 315, and 343; two courses from HWP 225, 253, and 365

                                                II.      Required courses outside the major—36 hours:  EDUC 210, 211, 314, 319, 320, 380, 455, and 456; PSYC 319; STAT 185

                                              III.      Other departmental requirements— Computer, oral, and major competency are fulfilled by completion of HWP 459 with a grade of C or better.  




2.  Delete: On page126, under Areas of Licensure:


                  Kindergarten-12 (K-12): Art, Foreign Language (French, German and Spanish), Theatre Arts


Add:      On page 126, in place of deleted entry:


Kindergarten-12 (K-12): Art, Foreign Language (French, German and Spanish), Health and Physical Education, Theatre Arts




3.  Add:     On page 128, before the entry for Theatre Arts Licensure, new licensure area in

                  K-12 Health and Physical Education


            Health and Physical Education Licensure (K-12)

Students must major in Health and Wellness Promotion and complete all teacher licensure requirements. See appropriate Education advisor for details.


                                                  I.      Required courses in education —29 hours, including: EDUC 210, 211, 314, 319, 320, 380, 455, and 456

                                                II.      Required courses outside Education—7 hours, including:  PSYC 319; STAT 185. Students must also complete the HWP courses required for the major in Health and Wellness Promotion with Teacher Licensure.

                                              III.      Other departmental requirements as outlined above for all licensure students.




The immediate impact on the HWP department can be covered by the current faculty.  HWP is already a very large major with many students enrolled, and all students who seek the K-12 Health and Physical Education licensure will be required to be HWP majors.


The impact on the EDUC department is currently sustainable.  All of the required EDUC courses for the K-12 Health and Physical Education licensure are all currently being taught.  A new faculty member is being hired for the K-6 program and will provide more resources to the education department. 



There is a call from many of our key partners for creation of this license at UNC-Asheville. The National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE) is one of these partners. This partnership is important because it does set the standard for the EDUC department’s engagement in continuous improvement. As such, one of the main standards of focus for our institution where the EDUC department is concerned is Standard 4:  Diversity.  UNC Asheville as an institution, and the EDUC department, have as a major goal and area of focus the attainment of a more diverse student population.  The EDUC department struggles to make adequate progress in relation to this standard.  As a result, EDUC faculty have done an extensive analysis of the diverse students attending UNC-Asheville and have found that many of these students participate in athletics.  Therefore, we believe that being able to focus on recruiting student through the offering of a licensure area that is parallel to their interests and strengths will prove an advantage for use in relation to NCATE Standard 4, and the attainment of our university and EDUC department goals.


Another important collaborator is Asheville Buncombe Technical Community College (AB Tech).  In recent meetings with the Dean of Social Sciences and Humanities for that institution, a discussion was held concerning how UNC-Asheville can best meet the needs of AB Tech students who will transfer to our university to complete teacher licensure. One of the foremost suggestions was for the university to begin offering a Health and Physical Education licensure program, per student requests.


Finally, the university has public schools as important partners.  New state legislation regarding health and physical activity calls for certified teachers who are educated about the new legislation and trained in current methodologies and curricula.  School systems in our area are actively seeking these qualified personnel.


EDUC and HWP faculty members and chairs have held extensive meetings.  During these conversations, ideas for the ideal Health and Physical Education licensure program were discussed.  EDUC faculty examined Health and Physical Education licensure programs at other universities, communicated these findings with the chair of HWP, and the final plan for the ideal licensure program was created.  Concurrence on the part of the EDUC and PSYC departments has been secured.