Senate Document Number    1212S


 Date of Senate Approval      01/19/12



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Statement of Faculty Senate Action:


FWDC  4:                                 Supplemental Pay Policy (Faculty Handbook Section 2.9.4)

Effective date:  Immediately

This document defines categories of activity for which faculty may receive supplemental pay beyond their base salary and policies and procedures relating to supplemental pay for faculty.


In 2005, the Board of Governors mandated that every campus must have a supplemental pay policy (UNC Policy Manual 300.2.13) which has the following elements:

--Description of the types of assignments which warrant supplemental pay;

--Procedures for requesting overload pay;

--Limits on overloads or on the amount of pay, if in place; and

--Limits on length of assignments warranting supplemental pay.


This policy is developed to articulate the elements of our supplemental pay practice.  Because nearly every element of this policy is descriptive of our current practice, there will be little if any impact. 

Insert in Faculty Handbook 2.9.4

2.9.4  Supplemental Pay Policy


Faculty may receive compensation beyond their base salary for activities which are not included in their standard teaching load.  Examples of such activities include administrative assignments, significant department service assignments, summer teaching, and course overloads.  In all cases, except for stipends for participation in short-term faculty development workshops, a formal letter of appointment will be issued by the Provost and VCAA which specifies the activities which warrant supplemental pay, the duration of the appointment, and the amount of pay associated with the appointment.  A copy of this letter of appointment will be placed in the personnel file of the faculty member.


1)  Chairs and Program Directors:  In addition to receiving reassigned time according to section, department chairs and program directors are eligible for a salary supplement.  This supplement is payable twice each academic year, at the beginning of the fall and spring semesters, and is authorized at the time of appointment to the position by the Provost and VCAA.


2) Other administrative assignments:  Members of the faculty who are appointed to serve in Academic Affairs may have their contracts extended from 9 months to 10 or 11 months, with a proportional increase in pay. 


3) Departmental and other service assignments:  Any member of the faculty who is appointed to a significant service assignment, such as lab manager, director of a study abroad program, coordinator for periodic external assessment, or other episodic activities may be eligible for a stipend.  This stipend may be a lump sum or include an extension of the 9 month contract.


4) Endowed Chairs:  Endowed chairs may be eligible for an increase in salary, depending on terms of the position, available funding, and approval by the Provost and VCAA.


5) Course Overloads:  As discussed in section, compensation for overload teaching will be granted by prior approval of the Provost and VCAA when a member of the faculty agrees to teach courses beyond their specified load.  Payment will typically be at the rate paid to adjuncts.  This policy includes courses taught for Distance Education and for Continuing Education.  Likewise, any EPA non-faculty employee who agrees to teach a course will receive supplemental pay for that course, but only when this teaching is in addition to the normal working hours and responsibilities of that employee.


6) Summer School:  See section 3.2.4.


7) Faculty Development and other workshops:  Academic Affairs, the Center for Teaching and Learning, and others may offer stipends for leading or participating in faculty development workshops for course development, pedagogy, or other purposes.  These stipends are payable only after participation is completed and verified.